Fake green lady fools post office

Fake green lady fools post officeDon’t all huge pointy-headed green ladies look alike?
Does it matter if a fake is mistaken for the real?

The U.S. Post Office printed and circulated a 44-cent stamp with a picture of the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, the image is not the real statue. It’s a photo of a replica half-size statue that stands outside the New York-New York hotel in Las Vegas, rather than the real "Lady Liberty," which is in New York Harbor near New York City.

The post office licensed the photo from Getty Images, which had labelled the photo the "Statue of Liberty." A stamp expert who also knows quite a bit about the statue noticed the switch.

The post office is keeping the stamp the way it is, and updating its materials to explain which statue is actually pictured on the stamp.

Once you see the real head of the statue, the other head does look a little fake.

Fake green lady fools post officeThe actual head of the Statue of Liberty(Click to enlarge)
The ladies live in very different neighborhoods.

Fake green lady fools post officeThe replica Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas

Fake green lady fools post officeThe actual Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island
I didn’t realize there are actually hundreds of Statue of Liberty replica statues all around the world. Some are more realistic than others.

Fake green lady fools post officeA statue similar to the Statue of Liberty was built during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in China.
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