Did naked women have sex with gorillas in this popular 1930’s film?

Did naked women have sex with gorillas in this popular 1930's film?Wild Women – Gorillas – Unbelievable!Ingagi – The Most Sensational Picture Ever Filmed!
Three years before the movie King Kong, an exploitation film named Ingagi appeared – "an authentic incontestable celluloid document showing the sacrifice of a living woman to mammoth gorillas!" The movie documented a British expedition into the Belgian Congo, and implied that they found native women who had sex with gorillas.

The censors at the Hays office were concerned with certain elements, and in Ohio ordered:

"…scenes of close dancing between native men and women be removed, that all nudity be edited out of the film, that narration and title cards implying that women were sacrificed in order to consort with gorillas be eliminated, and that all references and images of hairy children as offspring of the unions be deleted."

Finally, the film was withdrawn, and not because it suggested bestiality, or was horribly racist, or showed onscreen animal killings:

"The Hays Office revealed that "Ingagi" was a conglomeration of stock shots from older films, including a significant portion of Lady Mackenzie’s "Heart of Africa," and the scenes of the women with the gorillas had been shot at the zoo William Selig had created for filming jungle movies…

…One expert noted that the "tortadillo," proclaimed as a new discovery to science, was a "turtle with wings, scales and a long tail glued on to it."

The Los Angeles Examiner reported that "Central Avenue Negroes" were employed as African tribesmen, and that the pygmies "were Negro children from Los Angeles’ black belt." It was also noted that Jackie, better known as the trademark MGM lion, and its trainer Mel Koontz staged the scene in which a lion attacked one of the expedition’s cameramen."

Eventually, even the guy playing the "real" gorilla was found, and under the threat of being blacklisted, confessed.

The movie probably earned over $4 million, which made it one of the highest money-makers in those years, right after the film Frankenstein. Its financial success may have led to the decision to make the movie King Kong.

(By the way, the filmmakers said that "Ingagi" was a native African word for gorilla. The truth is, they just made it up.)

– Illegitimate dad of ‘Kong’- One of the Depression’s highest-grossing films was an outrageous fabrication, a scandalous and suggestive gorilla epic that set box office records across the country. By Andrew Erish, The Los Angeles Times>>
– The Forgotten Horrors of INGAGI, Gorilla Men>>

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3 thoughts on “Did naked women have sex with gorillas in this popular 1930’s film?

  1. It’s always disturbing to me that older films always have African Americans in stereotypical roles, but if the filmmakers needed a lead who should be African American, they used a white guy. How long did this kind of thing go on?

  2. Of course, King Kong wasn’t known for being so kind to African Americans either.

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