Can a company prevent counterfeit products from killing mountain climbers?

Can a company prevent counterfeit products from killing mountain climbers?Products that were counterfeited: CROLL ascender (B16), ATTACHE locking carabiner (M35 SL), ASCENSION handled ascender (B17 R) – old, blue right-handed version, and RESCUE pulley (P50) – old version.
Petzl is a French company that makes climbing gear. They discovered four counterfeit products made in China that look identical to their real products. Petzl considers the counterfeits to be potentially dangerous. They’re taking legal action against the counterfeiters and warning their customers about the fakes.

But if the fakes are so realistic, how can customers protect themselves? Petzl has warned customers and published a decision tree which explains how to tell if a product might be fake. (Does it have a logo? Was it purchased before January 2009? Was it bought at an official dealer?)

Petzl feels the solution is to have customers destroy any products that might be fake, and then, to avoid fakes in the future, to tightly control the distribution of their product by having customers buy Petzl equipment only from a retailer authorized by Petzl.

Warning regarding the presence of counterfeit versions of Petzl products – Update, Petzl>>

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