Breast implants used to finger tax cheats

Breast implants used to finger tax cheatsSabrina Sabrok may be an exaggerated 

representation of an Argentinian 
desire for large breasts.
People in Argentina don’t like to pay taxes. Certain doctors, such as surgeons, for instance, may not be reporting all their income. But how can tax authorities discover how much surgeons make? In the case of plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentations, the government is now counting how many breast implants are being imported to figure out how many surgeries the surgeons perform, thus figuring out their income.

Authorities say that between 2008-2009, plastic surgeons have cheated the treasury out of about $10 million.

(By the way, this story is not an excuse to show a photo of the large-breasted Argentinian model / TV host / singer Sabrina Sabrok, and in fairness to the woman, I’m in no way saying that she’s had breast enlargement surgery.)

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