The blind boy with deceptive superpowers

The blind boy with deceptive superpowersMatthew Weigman as a little boy
From an article originally published in Rolling Stone:

Like a comic-book villain transformed by a tragic accident, Weigman discovered at an early age that his acute hearing gave him superpowers on the telephone. He could impersonate any voice, memorize phone numbers by the sound of the buttons and decipher the inner workings of a phone system by the frequencies and clicks on a call, which he refers to as "songs." The knowledge enabled him to hack into cellphones, order phone lines disconnected and even tap home phones. "Man, it felt pretty powerful for a little kid," he says. "Anyone said something bad about me, and I’d press a button, and I’d get them."

But in the end, those close to Weigman feared that his gift would prove to be his downfall. "Matt never intended on becoming the person he became," says Jeff Daniels, a former phreaker who befriended Weigman on a chat line. "When you’re a blind little tubby bald kid in a broke-ass family, and you have that one ability to make yourself feel good, what do you expect to happen?" Read the complete article, at writer David Kuchner’s site>>

The blind boy with deceptive superpowers Matt Weigman as an older boy
After you read the above story, read this:

Weigman’s current case began in April, the month he reached adulthood. William Smith, a Verizon security investigator who’d been monitoring Weigman’s hacking and phoning in updates to the FBI, noticed that Weigman had used the name and identifying information of a Texas woman to turn on phone service at the East Boston apartment he shared with his mother and siblings. Read more, at Wired>>

– The Boy Who Heard Too Much, David Kushner (written for Rolling Stone)>>
– Blind Hacker Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison, Wired>>
– O Garoto que Ouvia Demais, Arte e Mundo Digital>>

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