An April Fool’s Day prank to play on yourself

An April Fool's Day prank to play on yourselfSend money to someone you don’t know.

This is a practical joke to play that primarily affects you. It doesn’t need to be done on any particular day.

  1. Pick a small amount of money to send – between $5 and $10, or any other amount you feel comfortable with. It’s better if the money is in crisp new singles, but it’s not fatal if it isn’t.
  2. Put this money in an envelope between two pieces of thick paper or cardboard so nobody can tell there’s money inside.
  3. Find a name and address of someone you don’t know. (See a procedure to generate a random real name and address, below.)
  4. Address your envelope to this person. Do not include a return address.
  5. Insert a piece of paper in the envelope with the words – either handwritten or printed – "There you go."
  6. Stamp and mail it.
  7. Erase the name and address of the person so you have no record of it.

You might think that this is a actually a great prank to play on the other person who gets free money, but here’s why it’s really a prank for you. One of the best parts of a prank is reliving what happened during the prank and laughing about it later. With this prank, since you never get to see the reaction of the anonymous person you send money to, you get to imagine their reaction.

For years you can tell your friends what you did and your story can always have the line "Can you imagine what this person did when they got a letter filled with money and they have no idea who sent it or why?"

You will have years of enjoyment telling the story.

Picking a random name and address (a method that works in the U.S. at least)

It turns out that this part was harder than I thought. There’s a way to generate a random point anywhere on the globe with one click, but not to find a random person. Here’s my kloodgy way: go to the Random Name Generator web page and generate a random name. Then go to White Pages. Copy the randomly generated name and paste it into the "Find People" search box on the White Pages site. Click "Find." Hopefully a real person’s name and address will appear. If not, try again.

(I just realized that this could be interpreted as some sort of scam where all the names and addresses generated are actually names and addresses that I control somehow, so this is a way for me to get rich. If you are actually paranoid about that possibility, then obviously this prank is not for you.)

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