The 22-year old sexy female hustler

The 22-year old sexy female hustler"She’s attractive, she’s really aggressive, I’m into that."

Read The Hipster Grifter, an article in The New York Observer about a young con-artist named Kari Ferrell:

"…She acts very warm and super-interested in what people have to say," he recalled. "And she has lots of offers for things. She’s really into music and knows a lot about music. She’ll say, ‘I work at GoldenVoice, I can get you into that show. Anything you want to go to, I can get you on the list.’ We’d go and would end up not being on the list, but somehow we’d end up getting inshe’d just wink at the door guy and we’d get inside. Almost everyone who’s a dude, she’s really super sexually aggressive withI’ve seen her send text messages to these guys that are really, really explicit, just to lure these dudes in. I guess these guys see that and say, ‘She’s attractive, she’s really aggressive, I’m into that.’ Even with girls, she would meet my friends and be really nice and warm and say she could get them into placeswe would go out dancing and have a great time. She always got everyone’s phone number and email and followed up with them."

"She started depositing all these checks into my account, literally depositing $300, $500, $1,100 at a time," he said "They keep giving me money whenever I wanted to withdraw. She kept saying she couldn’t use her ATM card, telling me, ‘You cash these checks and give me the money.’ One day I hand them a check for $1,200 and I asked the teller, ‘Are these good? I assume they are, because you guys just keep giving me money and you’re a bank, but can you just check on this?’ And he tells me they’re good." This went on for about a week and a half, for a total of $10,600, before the bank belatedly realized the checks were written from an account that wasn’t even open.

Rather than a practiced con woman, Ms. Ferrell sounds like a young woman in the grip of mania or some type of pathological liar syndrome.

The 22-year old sexy female hustlerMs. Ferrell was a most-wanted fugitive in Salt Lake City.
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