11 makeup techniques for drag queens

11 makeup techniques for drag queensBrandon Moore before his metamorphosis.

11 makeup techniques for drag queensMonica Moore
Brandon Ford is a female impersonator who transforms into his alter ego Monica Moore in less than an hour. He says makeup is the most important part of the illusion. Some of his tips:

  1. Apply makeup to create contour.
  2. Pluck, don’t wax, your eyebrows.
  3. Use Preparation H on puffy eyes.
  4. Use a powder foundation.
  5. Mist your face with hairspray to prevent runny makeup.
  6. Apply peach-colored blush – it works on all skintones.
  7. Use a lip plumper to plump your lips, instead of lip gloss.
  8. Get laser hair removal for your bearded face.
  9. Thin hair near your forehead? Blend a powder the same shade as your head into your hair to give the illusion of thicker hair.
  10. Create cleavage with bronzer around your chest’s pectoral muscle.
  11. Apply self-tanning bronzing cream for thinner legs.

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