Was shooting that killed 12 fueled by a sex scam?

Was shooting that killed 12 fueled by a sex scam?Derrick Bird and Hon
Did Derrick Bird lose his escape valve?

Derrick Bird was a 52-year-old taxi driver who went on a shooting spree in Cumbria in the U.K. in 2010. He killed 12 people and wounded 11 more.

Why did he do it?

For weeks Mr. Bird had been depressed. Was he angry at a local nuclear power plant where he’d worked twenty years ago and where he’d been accused of theft? Or was it that current dispute over his parent’s will? He’d been taking care of his terminally ill mother and thought others were ganging up on him. (There is compelling evidence. Mr. Bird did murder both his twin brother and the family lawyer in the shootings.) He also hadn’t paid taxes on money he’d secretly put in a bank account, and thought he was being investigated for tax fraud. He didn’t want to go to prison.

Three years earlier, Mr. Bird went to Thailand with a group of friends and met a woman named Hon. Said a friend:

"Hon looked about 19 but I think she was about 30 at the time… I knew Derrick liked the lass so I told him to go for it, he had nothing to lose."

He fell for her, and over the next three years kept in touch. A friend said early in 2010 he sent her £1,000, and that she’d broken off her relationship with him soon afterward. Was she a prostitute who’d strung him along? Said the friend:

"Derrick said he’d been made a fool out of, he couldn’t believe it. He had a lot of problems in his life, money worries and a fallout with his family and he said the fact that he had this woman in Thailand and had someone to go to see out there gave him reason to be hopeful."

Mr. Bird ended his spree by killing himself in the woods.

Was shooting that killed 12 fueled by a sex scam?One victim learned it was not a fake shotgun.
It was not a prank.
During the shooting, Paul Wilson could not believe what was happening, even after he was shot in the face.

Mr. Wilson was walking along the street when Mr. Bird drove up in his car, called him over and shot him as he bent down to look in the passenger window. Mr. Bird then drove away. When two policeman ran over to Mr. Wilson, he said it was just a friend playing a prank, firing blanks. The police told him he’d been shot. That’s when Mr. Wilson put a hand up to his face and felt blood.

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