“Truth lives on in the midst of deception.”

"Truth lives on in the midst of deception."  A Roman copy of a Greek statue of Apollo.
The philosopher and writer Friedrich Schiller wrote that truth can continue even when there is corruption. He compares the lasting power of truth to the permanence of the noble stone buildings where corrupt Roman emperors (like Nero and Commodus) committed their crimes. He believed that the antidote to deception – the truth – was symbolically preserved in the stone artwork of the building and statues:

"Humanity has lost its dignity, but Art has rescued and preserved it in significant stone; Truth lives on in the midst of deception, and from the copy the original will once again be restored."

– Schiller at Wikipedia>
– From Schiller’s ninth letter in his "On the Aesthetic Education of Man" (1795) (Reginald Snell)>>

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