A strange, deceptive river

 A strange, deceptive riverThis is a real photo of a murky river, but all is not what it seems. Can you tell what’s going on?(Click to enlarge)

A strange, deceptive riverAnother photo of the same river, this time with leaves on the shore.A vertical black bar covers a clue.(Click to enlarge)
Scroll down for the answer.

A strange, deceptive riverHere is your clue.

A strange, deceptive riverThe river is underneath the water.

A strange, deceptive riverThe river is an underwater river, and is composed of hydrogen sulfide.(Click to enlarge)

The photos were taken by diver Anatoly Beloshchin in a cave at Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

A video of the underwater river explored by divers

More photos at Unbelievable Underwater River, Liveleak>>

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