A sitcom scam – “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Playbook” episode

A sitcom scam - "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Playbook" episodeBarney reveals his masterpiece of seduction techniques: "The Playbook."

One episode of the TV situation comedy How I Met Your Mother concerned "The Playbook." The character of Barney Stinson is a supremely self-confident playboy. After a relationship ends, he decides to return to his seductively sleazy ways by using his playbook, which details the many types of ridiculous con games he tries to get women to have sex with him, including:

  1. Don’t Drink That – Barney warns a girl not to sip her drink because it’s been spiked.
  2. The Mrs. Stinsfire – Barney dresses as a female maid to spy on girls (an allusion to the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, where Robin Williams dressed as an older female housekeeper.) 
  3. The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn – Barney creates fake websites on the Internet saying Mr. Matterhorn is a billionaire explorer. Then he introduces himself to a girl as Mr Matterhorn, knowing she will google him and be suitable impressed. 
  4. The SNASA – Barney pretends to be an astronaut of Secret NASA (SNASA) 
  5. The Cheap Trick – Barney pretends to be in the band Cheap Trick. 
  6. He’s Not Coming – The observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building is where girls wait for their lover’s promised arrival. Barney tells each girl: "He’s not coming" with the hopes that she will console herself by sleeping with him instead. 
  7. The Ted Mosby – Barney says he got left at the altar to gain sympathy. (This refers to the main character Ted, who was left at the altar.) 
  8. My Penis Grants Wishes – Barney hopes she will rub it and let the genii out.
  9. And finally, The Scuba Diver, an elaborate "long con" con game which is not revealed until the end of the episode.

All these exploits are even funnier when you realize that Barney is played by Neil Patrick Harris, an openly gay actor.

There’s also a humor book based on the episode, called The Playbook: Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome>> This spoof of pickup artist books contains even more "plays" for guys to get girls into bed.

You can watch the entire "The Playbook" episode here, but realize that you will likely be viewing a pirate video, since the entire site is in Russian. Smotri.com>>>>

Or you can watch portions of the strange Russian 
doppelganger version of How I Met Your Mother

The Playbook (How I Met Your Mother) at Wikipedia>>

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