Optical illusions by Kokichi Sugihara

Optical illusions by Kokichi SugiharaThe sticks are straight, but our perception is warped.
Japanese mathematics professor and award-winning optical illusions expert Kokichi Sugihara makes three-dimensional models of impossible figures. He believes studying these deceptive illusions can help us in other areas:

"If we can find how drivers misjudge an incline, we would be able to construct roads where these incidents are less likely to happen. In other cases, we could also reorganize the surrounding environment so that drivers could more easily see the difference between an ascending and descending road, and it could lead to reducing traffic jams."

The video shows four of his works: Three-Ramped Anti-Gravity Slide, Perches and a Ring, Magnet-like Slopes, and an unnamed illusion with four open rectangles and two sticks (shown above.)

A news report on Kokichi Sugihara

Japanese Math Professor Excellent Optical Illusionist, New Tang Dynasty Television>>

More on his award-winning illusion: The best optical illusion of 2010 – the magnet ramp where balls roll uphill>>

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