The nurse, murder, and deception

The nurse, murder, and deceptionOperation Murder… murderer in white!
An anonymous call to Crime Stoppers said that a man who had recently died in the hospital was killed by his nurse, and that she had "murdered him on purpose."

The family of the man who died, Michael Galovic, was understandably upset. Not only was a relative dead, but he had been murdered.

Unfortunately, three years passed before they learned, after a police investigation, that there was no evidence that Mr. Galovic had been murdered, and that the call was very likely a hoax. An eyewitness said the caller was possibly a friend of Mr Galovic, and was a former nurse who was upset when she saw Mr. Galovic’s body on the day he died.

Relatives were angry that a hoax anonymous hoax call was been made and the person was not held accountable, while authorities said that being anonymous is the cornerstone of the Crime Stoppers program.

Police said they wouldn’t get information about crimes if the informant’s identities were known. Hugh Dillon, the coroner, said:

”That, of course, comes at a cost, which in this case has been borne by your family.’

Hoax ‘murder’ call distressed family for years, The Sydney Morning Herald>>

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