“Mum, I think we need more cake…” Pranksters invite 214,000 people to girl’s birthday party

"Mum, I think we need more cake..." Pranksters invite 214,000 people to girl's birthday partyWe’re here for the birthday party!
Note: If you’re going to invite people to a party by using Facebook, make sure you know how to use the privacy settings. A 15-year-old Australian girl learned that lesson when her "small house birthday party" was hijacked by pranksters and resulted in 214,000 people saying they were planning to come.

Police are charging a 17-year-old boy, and blaming the group Anonymous, or prankster David Thorne. To capitalize on it, a web site is offering T-shirts printed with the girl’s name and party date.

The party’s on March 26th. Police will be standing by.

Police charge boy who allegedly hijacked Chatswood girl Jess’ Facebook party, The Daily Telegraph, Australia>>

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