Is this the second oldest sex scam in history?

Is this the second oldest sex scam in history?A naked man was robbed in a sex scam robbery

(Note: Not the actual naked man)
A man in Philadelphia wanted very badly to go on a date.
He used an Internet dating site and met a woman named Lisa. After a few phone conversations, they went to an Olive Garden restaurant. After an hour, the woman suggested a motel.
Is this the second oldest sex scam in history?The Sunrise Inn at 2921 Lincoln Highway.
Room rates are $47 per day.
They went to the Sunrise Inn, where Lisa had him book a room in the back. When they got in the room, she began texting on her cell phone, and told the man to get undressed while she went to the bathroom.
When she emerged, there was a knock on the door. Lisa opened it to find an armed man, who said to the now naked man:

"Give me all your money, cell phone and wallet or I will kill you."

Said Lisa, whose actual name was Lisa:

"You better listen to him. He is my ex, and he will kill you."

The man was robbed at gunpoint.

He went to the police. They staked out the motel. Eventually, when they saw two masked men enter at the back of the place, they burst into the room to find a naked man, and four criminals (one whom was Lisa.)
The group had committed four similar robberies. Police might find more victims. They face robbery and other charges, which could result in 20-year prison sentences.

Is this the second oldest sex scam in history?  The date scam perpetrators: 
John Taimanglo, 27, Lisa Sourbine, 35, 
Jennifer Partington, 36; and Tariq Martin, 28.
  Here’s the thing – couldn’t these crooks figure out a way to rob their victims without resorting to armed robbery? That carries much harsher penalties, especially if you do it four times. Isn’t there some kind of con game they could have pulled rather than using a gun?
And what about the risk/reward ratio? This kind of crime carry a high risk, with a low reward. What if the guy fights back, or has a gun himself? 
Or you get caught.
And finally, all you can hope to steal is what the guy has on him, and then you have to split it four ways amongst the gang.
That’s why these guys are not in business.
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