Is it graffiti if you use soap?

Is it graffiti if you use soap? No tagging here, just selective cleaning.
Paul "Moose" Curtis is a graffiti artist from the UK who for years has been creating art by removing dirt from city surfaces. So is it vandalism if your weapon is not a can of spray paint, but soap?

The first video shows him creating an advertisement for Green Plantswork cleaner on the Broadway tunnel in San Francisco.

Is it graffiti if you use soap? How best to advertise an environmentally 
friendly soap than by cleaning up some public 
grime and making images of plants?

The Reverse Graffiti Project

Mr Curtis, "Professor of Dirt" and "grime writer," lectures about his work as a clean tagger who uses negative space in a Big Ideas video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr. Curtis talks about writing in dirt

Watch more Mr. Curtis at FORA.TV>>

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One thought on “Is it graffiti if you use soap?

  1. Speak about true advertising! Seldom do we hear of natural soap as the focus of advertisement as well the medium for promoting it. Nice!

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