How to steal money from an ATM

How to steal money from an ATM
All you need is some glue on the keypad and 
an awareness of frustrated user behavior.
(And none of those moral qualms about stealing.) 

Step-by-step directions for ATM thievery:

  1. Get some industrial strength fast-drying glue, preferably by shoplifting.
  2. Find a suitable ATM (it has to be located right outside a bank.)
  3. During the bank’s business hours, glue down the "enter," "cancel" and "clear" buttons on the keypad.
  4. Wait for a customer to use the ATM. The customer will punch in their PIN but their transaction will not be completed. They will get frustrated because the keys aren’t working, and will go into the bank to get some help.
  5. When they are in the bank, use the ATM to withdraw money from their account.
  6. Walk swiftly away and spend the money.

These criminal tips brought to you courtesy of The San Francisco Examiner.

NOTE: The comments section for this post is an extremely active forum filled with the raging opinions of numerous commenters who may not realize the ridiculousness of the explanation of this illegal procedure. Read the comments at your intellectual peril.

Glue-gun goons target unwary ATM users, San Francisco Examiner>>

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111 thoughts on “How to steal money from an ATM

  1. it doesn’t matter the reason this would not work is because if they cant press enter to withdraw the money because it is glued down neither can you to withdraw the money to steal it that’s why dumb ass criminals make it on tv and video when they get busted

  2. From the original article: "The robbed customers have already punched in their PINs when they realize the keypad buttons are stuck. The unwitting customers either do not know that they can use the ATM touchscreen to finish their transaction, or become nervous when the keypad isn’t working and react by leaving the ATM unattended…"

  3. ya they probly would it depends how nervous they are like scared they broke the machine nervous or just scared they did something rong so when they get scared and leave the machine thats when you swoop in a withdraw as much money as you can and not get freaken caught on the atm camera

  4. What a stupid fucking idea. Unless you can go unnoticed while wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, hiding your face from the ATM camera, and still manage to avoid suspicion then its pointless. Have fun racking up felony charges over a standard $300 withdrawal limit.

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  7. It does work and its fairly easy. Just takes some time as u do have to wait for the right circumstances. Just be clever and remain completely calm. Realistically people don’t pay attention to their surroundings unless u are doing something way out of the ordinary. I do use minor disguises most of the time. I even had a customer walk back out on me once and I just acted like i was as confused as they were. They then walked back in and I was able to withdraw 400. That was the second 400 dollar withdraw that day. I spent two hours on this for 800 bucks.

  8. "Anonymous February 25, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    shut the fuck up
    i think you are stupid"

    This is why children should not be allowed online.

  9. I feel like this whole argument was pointless it looked like some retard arguing with himself
    "anonymous posted ______"
    and then the counter argument
    "Anonymous posted ______"

  10. This ATM scam is a short con, where the idea is to steal a small sum of money quickly. But as Anonymous says, this is the type of deceptive crime that’s a really stupid idea – the crook risks a felony charge for $300. It’s like robbing the inside of a bank – tellers trained to notice you, cameras everywhere, exloding dye packs in the money, silent alarms, armed guards, and felony investigation by the FBI – all for the amount of money in a teller’s drawer.

  11. i think its stupid.. in the first place, atm owner cannot complete the transaction since keys are glued. then how can you even withdraw if you yourself cannot press the enter keys XD.. not all atm’s are touchscreen

  12. touch screen dummy cause the whole convincing point is when the person sees that he or she cant go further with the transaction and with frustration kicking in causes the person to leave the machine and forget that you can finish the transaction process by using the TOUCH SCREEN

  13. I have noticed one thing about criminals that is almost 100%. They are stupid.

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  18. Not a reality-based con. Way too many ways to get caught. And, on bank property you’re looking at a felony.
    Not to mention, how suspicious are you hanging around a bank parking lot near the ATM after you’ve already been to that ATM and not drawn any money out or done anything?
    Can you really picture someone NOT looking suspicious doing this?? They walk up to the ATM, and either look sketchy by hiding what they are doing with the glue and the numbers, or they brazenly whip out the glue….. then they sit in their car or hang around being retarded looking while keeping an eye out on the same ATM they just left?
    Not doable in real life, and the (possible) gains do not warrant the real risk of a felony conviction.
    Nope/ Not a winner.

  19. How hard was it to get the cash out of the vault in the ATM???

  20. Breaking Bad has the answer to that…
    just have to crush a meth heads head with it.

  21. Only a dumbshit would admit to doing a crime on the web without a thought that someone can still trace your post to your computer. Anonymous or not. Have fun getting gang raped in prison. Dick.

  22. Install a small wireless camera on the ATM to capture someone’s PIN and send it to your laptop. Then follow person who used the ATM, and pickpocket or steal their purse. Now you have both pin and card. Disguise yourself when stealing money from ATM because ATMs have cameras, that way you wont get caught by seeing its you. Steal as much as possible until they notice their card is missing. Score.

  23. if even considing any of this its called ultra violet food colouring after u got your 20 bucks spray the key pad next person punches the pin,numbers can be seen.act as though your card wont open the door.wait till they come out and ask them to use theres,quick slide of hand and give them yours back most dont notice at 3or 4am,worse case opps

  24. yea dude what a great idea give them YOUR ATM CARD with YOUR NAME on it and then rob them, are you fucking retarted it will take the cops about a day to come to your house and haul you in for questioning

  25. Yes u can see 4 numbers that were pressed but in what combination lol FAIL!

  26. when the transaction is failed, the atm system would ask your pin again.. so how do you know the pin??? LOLLLL!!!!

  27. what about getting a job working and then getting your own money fron the atm you bunch of idiots
    you can only scam a untrustworthy person , to rob is not clever , it could be your mom , get clever or stay home

  28. hey shut the fuck up this really does work yu can even try urself

  29. but last time you said we should all get jobs at Retarded Care Facilities, for all the ez snatch. i didn’t try that one either… but that is near as bad as his petting zoo brothel..
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  30. SOrry all but please use some grey matter in your frontal lobe. Ok I misspelled some shit so sew me or flame on but here goes.

    Glue keys., They type in passcode and get frustrated.
    You can act like your going to use the atm after them so the dont think anythign too fishy.
    Take a small razor or eyeglass repair screwdriver and prye the buttons back up after they walk away and finish transaction. Thats it
    Not hard. Seen it done and with limits over $1000.
    So two to 3 times a day you could live nice.
    Sun glasses hat and a fake beard or mustache helps with cameras..

  31. How the heck to you break out a razor and carve up the buttons without the camera noticing? And after a couple of times cops will be onto your mo and probably pounce the moment you pull out the razor……

    Here’s the BIG PROBLEM! How do you glue buttons down in the first place? I don’t know of any glue that will seep into the cracks without you really working it in there with a fine edge…..And there’s no way you can do that without the camera or anyone nearby (like a copy with binoculars sitting in the parking lot) noticing….

  32. I want to do something like that. So if anyone is also interested, we can do it together. So we can contact with ourselves. Don’t forget to reply me. all the best to all dudes.

  33. K let me add to that.
    – wear a fake mustache, draw a mole on to face n wear a hoody that’s "disposable".
    -don’t jus get a glu gun. Get a hammer n a screwdriver. When the person entered the pin then walk away, go to it then put the screw driver on top of the enter button n hit it with the screw driver till it gets pressed.
    -after takin the money ru

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    i could not understand your typical language so please translate in a simple manner

  35. This is not the person u were talking to,He can hardly spell. I can see why he needs to steal. I do it simply because its fun. It does work and its fairly easy. Just takes some time as u do have to wait for the right circumstances. Just be clever and remain completely calm. Realistically people don’t pay attention to their surroundings unless u are doing something way out of the ordinary. I do use minor disguises most of the time. I even had a customer walk back out on me once and I just acted like i was as confused as they were. They then walked back in and I was able to withdraw 400. That was the second 400 dollar withdraw that day. I spent two hours on this for 800 bucks.

  36. I did .the one with spray. Just put spray on keys and wait for some to type in her pin. Then I folled her to the store and stole her purse. Use her card for 5 withdraws and even took it to the club anf bought hella bottles. What a good night that was hope to do it again

  37. U guys are some dum stupid ass hoes. Y the fuck would u want to steal somebody hard earnings when yall can go and get a fucking job. The only ones that would think of some like this is the ones that dont work and want shit to be giving to them or they do what the fuck yall thinking stealing. I really hope the min you go to the atm u bitches get caught and u go to jail and get fuck extremely in the ass.

  38. Midnight Attack … Just spray the keypad n wear the bank guard uniform then wait till someone gets out of the ATM … go straight to him n say "Im from the bank security, Your card is infected with virus, give it to me and come for a replacement card during working hours" … after that … its all yours.

  39. Retard.. oh wait comparing you to them would be an insult.. to THEM

  40. Ok, here how this really goes, someone puts their card in, they type in their pin, they go to press enter but its stuck, after taking too long to press enter (you HAVE to press enter for it to go passed the pin and also again when you select the amount), the machine will either retain the card or just spit it out depending on the type of machine. This scam might have worked in the 80’s but its not going to work with your average modern atm, also who the fuck leaves a atm with their card in it? hahaha great con, good luck with that.. Also now I know that if I use a Atm that has glue on it, all i do is fake walk in to the bank, give it a few seconds then come out and kick your teeth down your throat. See you at the atm’s guys!

  41. If I happen to know that if I use a Atm that has glue on it, all i do is fake walk in to the bank, give it a few seconds then come out let ur test.
    – fake mustache, the mole on to face n weaingr a hoody that’s "disposable".and kick your teeth down your throat. See you at the atm’s guys! Ha Ha Ha

  42. OK. There is simple way around this. The ATM is only going to remember the last 4 (or 6 number on some machines) that were entered . So if this happens to you before you go into the bank just push a bunch of numbers at random. This will wipe your PIN number from the ATM making any one trying to pull this stunt walk away entry handed.

  43. your all fucking sados… none of this shit you say works. get a job you BUMS.

  44. If they card owner can’t press enter then HTF is anyone else going to?!

  45. plz tell me how can i do this- sweep the atm card first and do transaction then how can i do another transaction without sweep the card again?plz tell me…..

  46. Just make sure you go to the rich white folks area…there the only ones have more than $40 in their account

  47. hey u all fuckers… don’t u have brains… understand once u glue it or what sort of method… then u will able to rob money. but the time you will go in to put the glue or what ever you think no one will see that???

  48. old method always works sells special metal plate that I put $ 50 in cash atm is in the middle, waiting 2-3 klijentow and metal plate and pull out the cash, I open my atm card pre-pey not transferable, or $ 50 ……… [email protected] ….

  49. no it wont work the atm wil eject the card if any delay is made.just try with ur card.put it in and ur pin don’t press enter just wait ur card will eject.i have my ways of doing this if interested call me on this number.0765970584 in south africa.just ask for benny.

  50. if he couldn’t cash out because the buttons were glued, how am i going to do it?

  51. So fucking dumb. anyone of you that has posted on here anonymous or not is just waiting to get caught. do any of u realize that everything u post on here can b traced back to u? yea maybe nobody gives a shit about this thread and it will go unnoticed, but chances are if u feel the need to brag about stealing something, then you will continue to do it all over the place and it only takes that one time u piss off the wrong person or hacker and guess what…u go to jail for a felony for 300 bucks. nice. ill b fair and let u all know that i have forwarded this page to my close friend and skilled hacker and they have started gathering your info so PLEASE make it easier and keep posting πŸ™‚ have a nice day. karma’s a bitch.

  52. They aren’t smart especially if they use their real name. I think your friend should make it a personal mission to get everyone of these idiots. πŸ™‚

  53. This is a funny thread. i really enjoyed reading it all. personally i wouldn’t take the risk or i wouldn’t do it just because I don’t do normal people that way. i was wanting to know how to steal from billioanaires and found this thread. the guy from south africa i bet knows a good way. they are real criminals over there in africa. i had mine stolen in peru one time and they switched my card. i was very tired and not very aware and they took advantage of it.

  54. Same. Im in new zealand reading this & it’s been greeeat amusement. Thanks

  55. this thread could easily be made into a hilarious comedy sketch. My favorite is the comment some rendom dude left about getting his dick stuck in ATM machine, too fucking funny!

  56. Are you fucking kidding me? This is not goona work on any of the modern machines in the US. May be in Africa bro.

  57. Do some research on stores that take deposits to a bank. See if its an every night deal. Be aware of your surroundings, wait for them to get out and make a deposit. Then ROB THEM MUTHAFUCKAS BLIND. BREAK ALL YALLSELVES

  58. you can slam moly you know. now i can tell your a fucking troll.

  59. Are you people for real? All u idiots that say its a Great Idea are the bigger idiots. How many of you assholes that have described in detail about how tryed this scam and the ones that described in detail about others crimes they committed deserve to be in jail for being so stupid with a consolation prize of being some inmates bitch. Cuz I’ll bet everyone smart guy out there that posted their antics used their own computer from home. Regardless if u used a different user name you can still be traced through your stupid blog. Since ur smart enough to hide ur own truck and take the plate off but what writting a blog from your home computer, not smart. I hope all you dumb asses are in jail, not for just being stupid, but for also stealing from innocent people that have worked all their life for the money you just stole cuz you too damned lazy to get off you loser ass and get a fucking job. To people that who are planning to try this, it hope you get busted immediately. None of you should be out on the street. But let me ask you, why would anyone post something like this in the first place?? So the idiots can be weeded out. Hahahahaha

  60. while i agree with it being wrong to steal.. but calling peps innocent.. this 2013.. there is not an innocent person alive on this planet.
    Go ahead and tell yourself that while you boot up your PS3, that the nice slave at foxcon made for you, right before jumping off the roof. Luckily your religious, and will have no problem ignoring all the souls standing around you when you die.. watch "the sound of insects" and lie to yourself, when you hear that line….. "he told me there is no place like that" c u on the fs

  61. how can u steal money from someone?? have a heart!
    you should be ashamed of stealing. You could be stealing from a struggling family, a single mother or an elderly person who is barely making it. unbelieveable

  62. You all are fucking stupid if you try this you do have finger prints even if it worke plus if u breath your dna stupid fucks they will send detectives to insert a card and there pin while u walk up and go to make your easy money they will be right behind you reading you your rights go. Get arrested please record it and post on youtube for me just write my atm as tthe title

  63. Dam I know ur fuckin trailer trash.Prob got a shuck of corn in your back pocket right now and a ripped Motley Crue half shirt on.U aint death ridden,ur common sense ridden.Ur parents were both crystel meth cookers werent they.I told them fat fucks they wasnt supposed to get married,thats not proper for a father and daughter.

  64. U all fucking stupid hit the fucker with a 16 pound hammer bust that fucker open and take the money box to an silent place and open

  65. This be great idea business big plan i say.
    So i com to Amerika and rob ATM is good yes?

    Last weak i say to wife she shud go and get job but she say fuck me and so she tell me go get job. I say no i find beter way to get mony and this plan good so she can fuck self now! I have big lauf when i rob ATM and get rich and have sexy girl want make sex on me.

    I try to test this good number one plan tomorrow. Good plan thanks for advise. you guys best in Amerika.
    Great country to rob. easy to rob. Love being here.

    Shalom va shavolet.

    Mishlowe from Pakistan

  66. Your wife had a second of brilliance but lost it coz she was still married to a dirtbag like you. Good luck trying to rob Amerika. Another idiot bites the dust. Or dick because you’re in prison.

  67. Thats dumb did u not know that atm’s have cameras right above the screen u read off of… while ur so called stealing money they’re looking right at u and that plan is a epic fail bkuz u can’t even complete the transaction if the keys are flued dumb ass!

  68. I wish someone assists in transferring so money to money to money fraudulently.I poor and perhaps stupid.I live in Kenya

  69. I was saying thatI wish someone could transfer $1 milllion to my account in Kenya.

  70. I was saying that someone should hack in to some account get hold $1 Million and then transfer it to my account.We ll share the spoils

  71. Do like I did. Wait till 2 or 3 in morning, chain up to the fucker and drag it out of the ground. Just be sure to wear face mask and REMOVE YOUR LICNSE plates. Worked well for me. I got 21,000 out of cash box in 2 minutes. I keep truck parked in secret location and drive my daily driver. I LOVE MY JOB. Good luck friends. Just try to be as smart as you cab and quick

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