The giant baboon optical illusion

The giant baboon optical illusion Is a huge baboon about to crush the car?

The giant baboon optical illusionThe clues to the deception are at the edges of the photo.

Why are optical illusions like this interesting? With all the image editing that can be done easily with digital photography, why do we care about a photo that’s taken at just the right moment and gives the illusion of a close object being large in relation to an object farther away?

I think there are three reasons. One, the photo does fool us at first: why is there a large baboon that looks like it’s attacking a car? Two, the photo is cool because it’s "real" and not manipulated (that is, if we can trust the photographer.) If we trust, the photo reflects the reality of what the family in the car actually saw. And three, we can imagine how great it would be if we were the ones taking the photo and then fooling ourselves when we saw the image for the first time.

King Kong! Photographer’s optical illusion captures gigantic baboon crushing a car, Daily Mail>>

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