Faking a disease on the Internet

Faking a disease on the Internet"She looked closely at the photo of Mandy’s bald head and noticed a five o’clock shadow."

It’s a scam of emotions, not money, which primarily involves women as both victims and perpetrators. And the internet has only made it easier. Is this a new variety of illness called Munchausen by internet?

"Mandy is one of a growing number of people who pretend to suffer illness and trauma to get sympathy from online support groups. Think of Tyler Durden and Marla Singer in Fight Club, only these support groups are virtual, and the people deceived are real. From cancer forums to anorexia websites, LiveJournal to Mumsnet, trusting communities are falling victim to a new kind of online fraud, one in which people are scammed out of their time and emotion instead of their money. The fakers have nothing to gain from their lies – except attention.

These aren’t just people with a sick sense of humour. Jokers want a quicker payoff than this kind of hoax could ever provide. It requires months of sophisticated research to develop and sustain a convincing story, as well as a team of fictitious personas to back up the web of deceit. Psychiatrists say the lengths to which people like Mandy are prepared to go mean their behaviour is pathological, a disorder rather than simply an act of spite. The irony is these people might actually be classed as ill – just not in the way they claim to be."

Sick note: Faking illness online – Why would someone fake a serious illness online? Jenny Kleeman on the strange world of Munchausen by internet, The Guardian, UK>>

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