The fake products that became real

The fake products that became realWhat do Brawndo, Tru Blood,Stay Puft Marshmallows and Sex Panther cologne have in common?
They used to be fake products, and now they’re real, created by a real company, Omni Consumer Products, which was the name of the fake corporation in the movie RoboCop.

The fake products that became realThis is the real actor Ronny Cox who plays the real bad guy character Dick Jones who works for the fake Omni Consumer Products in the real movie RoboCop.
To further blur the lines between what’s real and fake, Omni Consumer Products makes real products out of products that were once only found in movies and television shows. Company founder Pete Hottelet describes what Omni is doing:

"I coined "entertainvertising" as sort of a goof on "advertainment." Scientific American referred to it as "Moebius-like-referential pop-culture-as-reality mocketing contortionism." Defictionalization is definitely more succinct, although maybe not as much fun to say. Basically, it’s the act of creating or identifying a brand within a narrative, and producing a physical product of the described type bearing that branding. As viewership becomes increasingly fragmented, this sort of thing is going to grow into a standard practice in the entertainment industry. Right now, marketers have their eyes on the so-called "third screen" with a focus on mobile. Well, guess what the "fourth screen" is? Real life."

Their current products:

The fake products that became realSex Panther cologne"60% of the time it works every time"From Anchorman- The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The fake products that became realBrawndo – the Thirst Mutilator "Brawndo’s got what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes."From Idiocracy

The fake products that became realTru Blood beverageA blood orange carbonated drinkFrom the HBO vampire series True Blood

The fake products that became realStay-Puft MarshmallowsApproved by Gozer the GozerianFrom the movie Ghostbusters

– That’s entertainvertising: Pete Hottelet and the mocketing contortionism of fake brands made real,
– Omni Consumer Products>>

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