The “extraordinarily wealthy” con man and his quaint Scottish castle

The "extraordinarily wealthy" con man and his quaint Scottish castle"But I own a castle, my dear."Myres Castle in Scotland

Your statement, sir?

My name is Sir George Bavelos. I use the "Sir" because I’ve been knighted. I am an extraordinarily wealthy international banker. I own 40 properties around the world. My fiance Helen Biamis and I, and her mother, I might add, went to the expensive Ritz Hotel in London. We have been to my rural home, Myres Castle in Auchtermuchty, Fife, in Scotland. It is a quaint castle, with only nine bedrooms and 44 acres. I own a supermarket and a bank. I have a private jet. I enjoy driving my fast Lambourghini. I have invested £700,000 of my love’s money – and her sainted elderly mother’s money – in European investments.

The reality?

George Bavelos is 52, unemployed, divorced, lives with his parents, applied for welfare, has been previously convicted of deception, and used the money from his "fiance" and her elderly mother to pretend to be rich. He took their money, rented the castle for several days and pretended to own it.

The judge said:

Mr. Bavelos is a "cruel, rapacious criminal" who "lied with abandon" during his trial.

His former fiance said:

"He proved to be nothing more than a thief of the cruellest type, who walked into our lives to plunder and steal."

The outcome?

Mr. Bavelos will be serving six years in jail.

– Unemployed fraudster posed as owner of Scottish castle to con fiancee – An unemployed fraudster who claimed he had been knighted and owned a castle in Scotland has been jailed for six years after conning his fiancee and her elderly mother out of £700,000. The Telegraph, Australia>>
– Rent Myres Castle for your own fraudulent scheme>>

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