Does this robot look human?

Does this robot look human?It’s still unfair to test if this robot is completely deceptive. He’s still in the testing phase.
The robot in the videos below is based on a real human (Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe from Denmark’s Aalborg University) and will be used to examine some interesting questions about humans, presence, relationships and identity.

The first robot of this kind, called a geminoid, was created in 2005 by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and the company Kokoro, based in Tokyo. The robot was designed to be controlled by the facial movements of a human operator.

If you can imagine it with smoother and more subtle motions, under certain conditions this robot might be able to fool you into believing it is human. Right now, you’ll laugh at it because it looks human but doesn’t move human.

Since it’s based on a real person, they need to make a side-by-side video of the human and the robot to see if we can pick out which is which. (And yes, let the human cheat by acting slightly robotic.)

Testing the robot’s mechanical functions

The robot replicates the motions of its human operator

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