The deceptions of the honey industry

The deceptions of the honey industrySometimes, honey bear wears a black hat.

Honey laundering: The sour side of nature’s golden sweetener, an article (about 2,300 words) on the global honey conspiracy, from Canada’s Globe and Mail.

"What consumers don’t know is that honey doesn’t usually come straight – or pure – from the hive. Giant steel drums of honey bound for grocery store shelves and the food processors that crank out your cereal are in constant flow through the global market. Most honey comes from China, where beekeepers are notorious for keeping their bees healthy with antibiotics banned in North America because they seep into honey and contaminate it; packers there learn to mask the acrid notes of poor quality product by mixing in sugar or corn-based syrups to fake good taste.

None of this is on the label. Rarely will a jar of honey say "Made in China." Instead, Chinese honey sold in North America is more likely to be stamped as Indonesian, Malaysian or Taiwanese, due to a growing multimillion dollar laundering system designed to keep the endless supply of cheap and often contaminated Chinese honey moving into the U.S., where tariffs have been implemented to staunch the flow and protect its own struggling industry."

– Honey laundering: The sour side of nature’s golden sweetener, The Globe and Mail>>
– Article as ONE PAGE>>

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