Could this car accident be… fraudulent?

Could this car accident be... fraudulent?"Maybe they did a photoshop of me."

There was a car accident in Bronx, New York. The participants said that one vehicle stopped short, causing three cars to get into accidents. Eight people filed insurance claims due to injuries.

Police were suspicious, however, because none of the cars had much damage, and every person involved said they had been injured.

Police had two more reasons to be doubtful of their claims:

First, everyone involved were friends before the accident.

And second, the incident was captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

The camera, which the fraudsters obviously did not notice, showed the the three cars slowly driving around the block, backing their cars into each other, getting out to look at the damage, and then smashing their cars into each other again to create more damage.

All have been charged with insurance fraud, grand larceny and falsifying business records.

Eight arrested in Bronx car accident fraud; caught on surveillance video faking crash, New York Daily News>>

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8 thoughts on “Could this car accident be… fraudulent?

  1. You can avoid such an accident if you just follow the traffic rules. Everything is organized in the road if everyone will consider these rules.

  2. This is a very interesting post. It’s not everyday that I read about people faking a car accident. They need to face consequences for this selfish act.

  3. This does sound fishy. It’s funny how some people would try to get away with anything.

  4. If this happened in downtown LA, it would be hard to hire a auto accident attorney Los Angeles and get an insurance claim because there are circumstantial evidences that refute the claims of the victims.

  5. I guess you don’t need a car accident attorney orlando to figure this case out. Good thing they were caught.

  6. This accident seems to be a little suspicious if you ask me. It would be interesting to hear what a bus accident attorney in Los angeles will have to say regarding this matter.

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