Cisco and the Thief – a morality play

Cisco and the Thief - a morality playThis manager of network services wanted 

to make more money, so he took a role in…
Cisco and the Thief

Scene 1

Philip Webb, manager of network services: Hey, Cisco, this part is defective. Can I return it?

Cisco Systems: Yes, here’s the procedure…

(Repeat this many times)

Scene 2

Philip Webb, online seller of Cisco parts: Hey, I have this Cisco equipment for sale. Want to buy it?

Online buyer looking for a deal: What a good deal! I’ll buy it…

(Repeat this many times)

Scene 3

Cisco Systems fraud manager 1: Hey, this guy seems to be returning a lot more of our equipment than normal.

Cisco Systems fraud manager 2:
And hey, this guy online seems to be selling used parts that match the equipment that the other guy’s returning…

Cisco Systems fraud manager 1: Let’s look again at the part numbers of his returns…

Mr. Philip Webb, the manager of network services for a Postal Credit Union in Minnesota, was arrested and sentenced to 15 months in prison for mail fraud. He cheated Cisco Systems out of about $388,000 by returning cheap secondhand parts to Cisco as the defective parts, and selling the new Cisco equipment online.

Minn. man sentenced for cheating Cisco Systems, Bloomberg Businessweek>>

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