The anti-gay deceptive political propaganda mailer

The anti-gay deceptive political propaganda mailer"A closer look at Rose Ferlita and she just withers away.Unmarried. Unsure. Unelectable."
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The anti-gay deceptive political propaganda mailerReverse side: "UNMARRIED: Rose Ferlita has put her
political ambition first and foremost, while her opponent 
is a dedicated family man with two children — 
Ferlita is an unmarried woman with a suspect 
commitment to family values."
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This is a piece of mail sent out against Rose Ferlita, who’s running as a candidate for mayor of Tampa, Florida. It attacks her by saying she’s a single woman running against a family man with children, and has a "suspect commitment to family values," therefore subtly implying she’s immoral, meaning gay. It seems obvious that it was sent out by a conservative, far-right, anti-gay and possibly religious organization.

Outrageous politics, right?

But it’s more deceptive than that. Actually, Ms. Ferlita is a Republican, and the group who sent the flyer, Less Government Now, is connected to Scott Maddox, a Democrat. In a previous election, Mr. Maddox’s friend ran as a fake Tea Party candidate to try and split the vote amongst Republicans. He’s using the same strategy here, as he attempts to split the Republican vote by making one Republican look more "suspect."

All’s deceptive in love and politics…

I found this on the blog Sociological Images.

Policially expedient sexism, Sociological Images – Inspiring Sociological Imaginations Everywhere>>

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