Why Mr. Horsley Slept with 1300 Women

Why Mr. Horsley Slept with 1300 Women"To pay for sex is to strip away the veneer of 

artifice and civilisation and connect with 
the true animal nature of man."
Sebastian Horsley, artist, author and dandy, will explain why he loves deception, lies and prostitution. He knows when it’s illegal, it’s more sinful and fun. Mr. Horsley is an example of a trickster – someone who tweeks society’s values and throws them in our face. If you encounter him and are not offended in one way or another, you may have missed his point. Watch his video or read his article.

"…What I hate are meaningless and heartless one-night stands where you tell all sorts of lies to get into bed with a woman you don’t care for.  The worst things in life are free. Value seems to need a price tag. How can we respect a woman who doesn’t value herself? When I was young I used to think it wasn’t who you wanted to have sex with that was important, but who you were comfortable with socially and spiritually. Now I know that’s rubbish. It’s who you want to have sex with that’s important. In the past I have deceived the women I have been with. You lie to two people in your life; your partner and the police. Everyone else gets the truth.

Part of me used to enjoy the deception. There was something about the poverty of desire with one’s girlfriend. Sex without betrayal I found meaningless. Without cruelty there was no banquet. Having a secret life is exhilarating…"

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