Tanning salon will stop deceptive sales practices

Tanning salon will stop deceptive sales practicesCustomers will no longer get burnt by this tanning salon.
At The Beach, a chain of tanning stores, was slapped with $350,000 in penalties by the Colorado Attorney General for deceptive sales practices.  

At the Beach told their customers that they could "cancel their contract at any time," but forgot to mention that if they cancelled, the company would charge them a payment of half the cost of their remaining contract.

The settlement requires the company to make an audio recording of every future sale.

The main reason this story is interesting? I got to illustrate it with the photo of a fake charred prop corpse from a horror film.

– Attorney General announces agreement barring tanning chain from misleading consumers during sales process, Colorado Attorney General, Press Release, State of Colorado>>
– The photo is of a burnt body prop, used by the horror movie Saw (2004). It’s for sale by the PropStore>>

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