The speed camera prank, a SCAM

The speed camera prank, a SCAM

DONCASTER police have questioned a man they believe to be responsible for the recent "S-cam" speed camera prank. (Doncaster is a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.)

Sen-Constable Steve Warr said a 27-year-old Doncaster man had been interviewed and could face two separate charges for interfering with traffic cameras.

"It’s illegal to tamper with the machines and we will not tolerate that behavior," Sen-Constable Warr said.

At the time, the anonymous prankster said turning the cameras into "street art" was not vandalism on grounds that it was doing them no damage.

Sen-Constable Warr said the act was promoting a negative road safety message.

Doncaster man quizzed over speed camera pranks, Manningham Leader, Australia>>

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