The parking meter scam that netted almost one million dollars in small change

The parking meter scam that netted almost one million dollars in small changeRonald Mancuso stole lots of coins.
Between 2000 and 2005, Ronald Mancuso collaborated with an employee of the armored transport company Loomis Fargo & Co. to steal almost $1,000,000 in change from parking meters in Syracuse, New York.

A Loomis Fargo employee, Sean McGuigan, would collect quarters, dimes and nickels from parking meters, then give them to Ronald Mancuso instead of putting them into a city account. Ronald Mancuso, from Utica, New York, would return to Utica, count and wrap the coins in a van and then exchange them for cash at various Utica banks.

He told tellers the coins were from vending machines.

Later he would meet with Sean McGuigan to split up the money.

When the city of Syracuse began replacing the old parking meters with electronic meters and pay stations, the thefts were reduced. Yet the two thieves tried to continue by using a liquid salt solution to vandalize the machines, thinking that the city might return to the old meters if there were too many repairs to the new machines.

Unfortunately, other members of Mr. Mancuso’s family, his two brothers – Paul Mancuso and attorney Steven Mancuso – had been charged with concealing illegal asbestos work. So to strike a deal, they snitched on Ronald. Ronald Mancuso then confessed and surrendered $325,000 in cash, including 48,000 quarters.

Because the five-year statute of limitations had expired, he and his partner, Sean McGuigan, could no longer be prosecuted for the parking meter thefts. However, since they still had the coins, they could be charged with possessing stolen property.

Ronald Mancuso was also involved in the illegal asbestos case with his brothers, and faced 5 years. However, Ronald Mancuso cooperated in the federal case against his younger brothers (and his father), and only received a six month sentence after pleading guilty to possession of stolen property.

The other three Mancusos are in federal prison.

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