A modern story of suicide, romance and deception

A modern story of suicide, romance and deceptionIt began as an Internet romance.
A 15-year old girl in Pennsylvania went online and met a girl in Maryland named Lisa Stauffer. They became romantically involved and eventually sent each other nude and sexually explicit photos.

Two years later, Lisa committed suicide.

The girl kept in touch with Lisa’s mother, Sarah Stauffer. Then Mrs. Stauffer discovered one of the photos that the girl had sent to her daughter. She threatened to send the photo to the girl’s family. The girl said she had a boyfriend and was moving on. The mother threatened to expose her.

The girl found an online account that was used by Lisa. She logged in and discovered that Lisa was not dead. But Lisa was not alive, either. As she chatted, the girl learned that "Lisa" was actually Michael Speelman, age 52. Mr. Speelman also pretended to be Lisa’s mother, Sarah.

Then, using his web camera, Mr. Speelman exposed himself to the girl.

Four months later, Mr. Speelman’s home is searched by the FBI. They recover the photos the girl had sent him. They also find more child pornography, plus evidence from another female victim, a girl between 12-15 years old.

Mr. Speelman was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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