It’s good to lie about who you are

It's good to lie about who you areYou believe me, don’t you?
The Bat and the Weasel

A Bat fell on the ground and was caught by an enemy, the Weasel. About to be killed, the Bat pleaded for life. The Weasel refused and said, "I am the enemy of all birds." The Bat said, "I am not a bird, but a mouse," so the Weasel set the Bat free.

Shortly afterward, the Bat again fell to the ground and was caught by another Weasel. The Bat entreated the Weasel, "Please don’t eat me." The Weasel said, "I am especially hostile to mice." The Bat told the Weasel, "I am not a Mouse, but a Bat.

And so the Bat escaped again.

The (new) moral of the story: You can deceive others for your benefit if you aren’t so rigid in how you categorize yourself.

(Note that, scientifically, the mouse and bat are not at all related. However, if the bat in the story had stuck to this, the bat would be dead.)

The Bat and the Weasel, from Aesop’s Fables>>

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