Is this a teenage modeling scam?

Is this a teenage modeling scam?"Number 6651 then turns and walks off the end of the runway via a set of portable stairs. Her total time on the runway: 27 seconds. Her total cost to be here: $5,000."

A writer follows a modeling agency’s scout at a Model Search event in New York City, where teenagers dream of becoming the next big thing, but less than 5% make it. Is it all a big scam?

"Onstage, the girls’ bodies don’t seem to be of their own possession, more like alien vessels performing forced personas ranging from the diva (all hips and bouncing shoulders) to the beauty queen (with the plastered smile and regal gait). I worry at several moments that someone might not make it to the end of the runway, especially the nervous wrecks, who have quivering shoulders and arms that resist movement entirely."

The Modeling Industry’s Teen Dream Scam, Jezebel>>

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