How not to sell a fake baby on Craigslist

How not to sell a fake baby on CraigslistMrs. and Mr. Sims.
Alice H. Sims, 29, of Joplin Missouri advertised a baby for sale for $400 on Craigslist.

Police found out the sale through a potential customer who was contacting Ms. Sims about the baby via emails and text messages. Police took the woman’s place in the sale and arrested Ms. Sims.

Ms. Sims said she was in the early stages of pregnancy. She was not pregnant.

When police searched her home they discovered various types of identification from 81 people. Her husband, Wilks G. Sims Jr., 55, was arrested for identity theft.

The couple had opened accounts for their home’s electric, water, and gas services, and both of their cell phone accounts, using other people’s names and information.

Ms. Sims was sentenced to four years in prison for felony stealing by deceit. She had been previously arrested for receiving stolen property, forgery, and theft.

Police released the names of the identity theft victims to locate people who had been victimized. Said police:

"A lot of the names they collected by going through people’s trash… Part of the problem is we really don’t know where they got all the trash from. They just went around getting people’s trash."

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