How are Eastern European girls deceived into the sex trade?

How are Eastern European girls deceived into the sex trade?This photograph shows Katia, from Moldova, a pregnant woman betrayed by an acquaintance and sold into sexual slavery in Turkey.
The television program Frontline broadcast a documentary in 2005 called "Sex Slaves," about the world of sex trafficking. The description:

"How five women from the struggling countries of Eastern Europe were tricked into sexual slavery, beaten by traffickers and pimps, forced to work to turn a profit – and finally escaped. Plus, a convicted Ukrainian sex trafficker talks about the multibillion dollar sex trade business, and why he sold an acquaintance for $1,000."

Some of the traffickers were captured in secret hidden camera footage. The documentary is available on YouTube: Frontline – Sex Slaves (2005)>>

In this interview from the Frontline web site, journalist Victor Malarek explains some of the deceptions used to ensnare young women:

How are these girls recruited? How do they find these girls?

A lot of ways. One is in ads offering them jobs as nannies, waitresses, cleaning hotel rooms, real menial pay. But they want to do them because at least they’re going to get something to send back home.

The girls realize now that a lot of these recruiters are very shady, so you’ve got to be very careful with them. And now [the recruiters are] using a lot of women as recruiters. … Organized crime was pretty smart. When they realized that everyone was saying, "Watch out for these men; watch out for the con artists," that’s when they brought the women in, and they realized there are a lot of women out there who are willing to make a quick buck.

They recruit people, particularly women, within the towns and villages and cities, and they swear on a bible to Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the important saints that "This is a legitimate job; my daughter is in Greece, and she works in this great hotel." Yeah, she works in that great hotel as a prostitute because she’s forced to, and it isn’t her daughter. It’s another girl that she sent over. But these young women know that there are a lot of women who have gotten jobs, legitimate jobs – 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, who knows? – so they’re willing to roll the dice. When they leave their country, they’re shaking because they’re saying to themselves, "Is there going to be a real job, or am I going to be thrown into the prostitution trade?" … Chances are you’re going to be thrown into the prostitution trade, particularly if you’re good-looking.

They also use sweet-talking, cool-looking guys who just go into these towns and sweep young women off their feet and promise to marry them. "Come to my country, Greece, and I want to show my parents the woman that I love." She crosses into the country, thinking that she’s engaged to this guy, and within two seconds she’s prostituted. And now they’re using marriage agencies. … They go off to whatever country to marry this man, and on their honeymoon they’re trafficked. …

– Sex Slaves documentary, Frontline, PBS>>
– Interview with Victor Malarek, PBS Frontline>>

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