For 17 years, Larry Smith had a doppelganger

For 17 years, Larry Smith had a doppelgangerA doppelganger is an evil double of a living person. In this case, Larry Smith’s doppelganger had a name – Joseph Kidd.
Larry Smith, 67, was ticketed for speeding in 2001, sent a Medicare bill for $300,000, almost lost his driver’s license, was denied medical care and received numerous bills from collection agencies.

He also spent eight days in jail and was almost extradited from his home state of Florida to California.

All for crimes committed by Mr. Joseph Kidd.

For 17 years, Larry Smith had a doppelgangerLarry Smith(Lawrence E. Smith)
Said Mr. Smith:

"I had no idea what was going on. I kept telling them it wasn’t me… This one police officer in the prison said, ‘This prison is full of people that didn’t do it’ and that was the end of it."

For 17 years, Larry Smith had a doppelganger Joseph Kidd
Finally, Joseph Kidd, 56, was arrested when he tried applying for welfare benefits as Mr. Smith. Mr. Kidd had a birth certificate, a driver’s license and a marriage license (he was married under the name Mr. Smith) – all in Larry Smith’s name.

Said Detective Jim Hudson:

"I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’ve never seen such a successful takeover of a man’s identity, just ruin a man’s life."

– Innocent man jailed after homeless criminal stole his identity and carried out 17-year crime wave, Daily Mail>>
– Fla. Grandfather Reclaims His Identity After 17 Years, Larry Smith Served Time in Jail for a Crime Committed by Alleged Identity Thief, ABC News>>

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