The fake dyed money scam

The fake dyed money scam All you need is our special detergent and you’ll be rich…

Four Liberian men have been arrested in New Jersey in what authorities say is a case involving fake money that was literally dirty.

Police say the men put out the word that they had $17 million in smuggled money to sell. They said the cash was dyed black to slip it past customs officials, but could be cleaned with a special detergent, which they were also seeking to sell.

Authorities say they were offering $250,000 of the smuggled money for $125,000, and that it was an in-person version of a widespread online scam.

The cash was actually construction paper.

The men were arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy and theft by deception.

4 Charged In NJ With Smuggled Money Scam, CBS New York>>

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