The baseball pitcher with a deceptive pitch

The baseball pitcher with a deceptive pitchErnesto Frieri is a pitcher for the baseball team The San Diego Padres. His specialty? A deceptive pitch.
Mr. Frieri throws the ball with his arm across his body so the ball does not appear against the background, which makes it harder for batters to see.

Darren Balsley, his pitching coach, said:

"Don’t under sell deception… Deception is the same as any other talent. It is a big tool."

For years, coaches have been trying to change the way the 25-year old pitches, because they felt his style would not be effective throwing the ball "down and away" from a right-handed pitcher. They also had fears that he would blow out his arm.

Mr. Frieri does worry that hitters will figure out his pitches and be able to learn how to hit against him.

"I’ve been thinking about that… Information travels fast in baseball. Hitters learn. If hitters get to me, I’ll change something."

With Frieri, it’s substance over style, Sign On San Diego, San Diego Union Tribune>>

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