Bacon bikinis and possible charity fraud – what makes a better story?

Bacon bikinis and possible charity fraud – what makes a better story?They’re wearing bikinis made out of bacon… to raise money for a charity that doesn’t exist!(This needs to be on a movie poster.)

A restaurant owner in Sacramento, California was being investigated by the local news channel, CBS 13. Apparently, Steve Lightfoot held a charity event for one of his employees who was killed in a car accident, but never gave his family the $1,400.

While investigating that story, the reporters stumbled on a bonanza. Mr. Lightfoot held a "bacon bikini" contest in his restaurant in the name of a charity for his diabetic daughter. But the charity wasn’t quite set up yet.

Was Mr. Lightfoot being deceptive, or was he just having cash flow and paperwork problems?

Doesn’t matter. Watch the news report video for the best in local news journalism: family intrigue, indignant mother-of-dead son confrontations, news reporters chasing a restaurant owner through his own kitchen, man with deer-caught-in-the headlights look, fake newscaster outrage, and of course, women wearing bacon as bikinis.

It’s a news report as exploitation, but as long as I analyze it, I’m in the clear. Right?

The restaurant under Mr. Lightfoot’s name no longer exists, but there’s still a bar at that location.

The pork product swimwear event raised a total of $110.

The Bacon Bikini Scandal video
(Skip to 2:21 for the story. The other parts are all lead-ups and promos.)

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