25 very polite students pull a senior prank

25 very polite students pull a senior prankA practical joke both memorable and non-destructive.
Graduating senior students at Hampton-Dumont High School in Iowa left 13,800 plastic cups filled with water in the cafeteria, arranged around chairs that were shaped to form "2010."

The stunt took 25 pranksters from 1:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. to complete. They also left $50 and a note thanking the custodians for their hard work.

It took 3 hours to remove all the cups.

Later, the bulk of the culprits confessed and said they made sure nothing else in the school was disturbed.

The students were later sentenced to perform 3 hours each of community service for trespassing.

Authorities were most worried about how they got into the school undetected, and may check the exterior doors more frequently, or invest in an alarm system.

Senior prank elicits smiles, also concern over school access, Globe Gazette, Iowa>>

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