This radio ad for the CIA does not self-destruct

This radio ad for the CIA does not self-destructToday’s Central Intelligence Agency does not hide its voice.Or destroy its message in a cloud of smoke.
Today’s spy organization is not shy about admitting it conducts secret work. In fact, they advertise for spies on the radio in the Washington D.C. area.
Listen to a CIA  radio advertisement>>
I grew up knowing that spies were more secretive. If you were ever a fan of the original U.S. TV spy show Mission Impossible (1966-1973), you know that Jim Phelps, the head of the secret IMF team, received instructions on self-destructing tape recorders and other gadgets. For all the Mission Impossible secret message fetishists out there, I present this comprehensive video by fellow MI lover Mohd Khushnood Kiani. (Thanks Mr Kiani!)

– Thanks to Jeff Stein’s SpyTalk column in The Washington Post>>
– More Mission Impossible images>> 

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