The story of a trickster from the controversial documentary film “Forgotten Silver”

The story of a trickster from the controversial documentary film "Forgotten Silver"The early film comedian and trickster "Stan the Man," one of the pioneers of hidden camera attack pranks and hoaxes, in the film "Forgotten Silver."

They made a film about lost films and found a prankster.

In 1995, directors Peter Jackson and Costa Botes created a TV movie documentary about the discovery of a treasure trove of films by a previously unknown genius, New Zealand filmmaker Colin McKenzie.

After the film was shown on primetime New Zealand television, it received great interest. But then it became extremely controversial.

For some viewers, their faith in the extraordinary achievements of the genius Colin McKenzie was ridiculed by his portrayal.

Watch this clip about the discovery of Mr. McKenzie’s lost film canisters for his brilliant silent film Salome. It’s like a scene from Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, or the classic 1932 film The Mummy with Boris Karloff, except that it’s in a documentary.

Watch the silent film clown Stan the Man playing pranks on innocent passersby. But when he carries his gags too far and "reality" intrudes, he gets a dangerous comeuppance, all captured on film.

An interview with director Costa Botes about why Forgotten Silver was so controversial.

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