The security guard deceived by sound

The security guard deceived by soundIt might take a few seconds to realize what’s going on here. This is a water balloon being shot by a bullet, captured with a high speed camera.
A Wells Fargo worker was servicing an automated teller machine at a bank in Colorado. He was locked inside the secure ATM room when he heard two pops from the bank. They sounded like gunfire, so he called 911 to report a possible bank robbery. A dozen police officers responded and set up a perimeter, but within 45 minutes they had called off the alarm.

The source of the sound? New Year’s decorations in the lobby. A couple of helium balloons had floated to the ceiling and popped.

The security guard followed correct procedure, but can you imagine for the next few months how many balloons will be left attached to this poor guy’s locker at work?

The security guard deceived by sound
Police: Guard mistakes New Year’s balloons for gunshots, 9News>>

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