The Safeway bobcat prank

The Safeway bobcat prankYou really don’t want to see this on the dock 

when you’re making deliveries.
Is pulling pranks with dead animals more of a rural, 1940s thing?

A delivery driver for Safeway found an unexpected squatter in the store’s receiving area… a 35-pound bobcat. Once the driver realized the animal was actually "deader than the stewing hens in the meat department storage locker," he also learned the critter was placed there as a prank by another employee. The bobcat was shot by 60-year-old local rancher Miss Nettie Connett, who was known for stalking bobcats in her hen house, aided by her terrier dog and "trusty .22-caliber rifle."

Bobcat prank pulled in 1941, Outlook, Portland, Oregon>>

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