Poker is a game of deception and disguise

Poker is a game of deception and disguiseThis mask of emotion is not legal, and also not the most effective.
Poker expert Mike Caro explains why players must disguise themselves when playing poker.

"Actually, I’ve occasionally known players who could win by just being themselves. But don’t expect that to happen to you.

Those rare individuals had personalities that naturally confused opponents. They were not  mellow, nor did they seem reflective about their decision making. Instead, each of their actions seemed to be spontaneous, mysteriously motivated, and unpredictable.

The reason they won was because their decisions turned out to be pretty reasonable. But their natural mannerisms appeared so out-of-sync with rational thought, that opponents perceived they were playing weak hands and bluffing more often than was factually the case.

Notice that this is precisely the table image I recommend, because it’s the most profitable. You need to bewilder opponents and make them believe you’re less rational than you are. Of course, you and I must work to perfect that image. Those few players I’ve been talking about seem to possess it by nature. Their bizarre personalities probably don’t work well for them in business or personal relations, but do at poker."

His other thoughts about poker deception:

  • Remember you must be deceptive to win, since poker’s a game of deception.
  • Disguise the cards you have in your hand and any of your emotions about your cards.
  • Play conservatively, but look like you’re playing recklessly.
  • Conceal your poker prowess. Let it look like you win every hand by good fortune.
  • Pretend that money doesn’t matter to you.
  • If you don’t like deception, don’t play poker.

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