Play the game of real or fake

Play the game of real or fakeFirst, a Clue – Who – Where – How?
What are the clues you use to decide if something is real or fake?

One box in these game box images is a real photograph of a game box taken from a listing of a vintage board game for sale on eBay. The other game box is a photograph of a painting of a game box, painted by a photo realistic / tromp l’oeil / fool the eye painter named Tim Liddy. Can you tell the fake game from the real game?

(The only digital manipulation was to adjust the white balance, or to straighten out a box photographed at an angle.)

Play the game of real or fakeOperation Skill Game – Where you’re the doctor If someone’s painting a fake or replica, does the forger try to make it perfect or does the forger add imperfections? And if there are imperfections, is it better if they are big and obvious, or small and subtle?

Play the game of real or fakeBattleship – America’s #1 all time favorite gameShould the colors look new and bright, or soft and warm? Which says real and which says fake?

Play the game of real or fakeTwister – the game that ties you up in knotsWill the content of the fake make a difference? If someone thinks a photograph can’t be faked, how about faking a photograph? What about dirt, creases, and masking tape?

Play the game of real or fakeContinental board game Risk!If you know an artist can fool you by painting an image 
to look three-dimensional, why can’t an artist fool you 
with images of masking tape? Or maybe the artist wants 
the imitation to look perfect. To figure out what’s fake, 
you might have to enter into the mindset of 
the one trying to fake you. 
What’s the intention of the faker?
So what’s the answer? Which games are real and which are fake? If you could just look here for the answer it would be too easy. To find the answer, search this blog for a post called The answer to "Play the game of fake or real." 

Hyper Realistic Paintings of Vintage Board Games; Tape, Tears and All, If it’s Hip, it’s Here>>

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