Photoshopping the words in your dating profile

Photoshopping the words in your dating profile"Hi! My name is Keira. I like archery. I have wavy dark hair, and I favor clothes made of woven leather strips. I would love to meet you."

Is having someone else write your dating profile the same as Photoshopping an actress? (In the above example, we see Keira Knightly is slightly "enhanced" in the poster for the movie Robin Hood.)

It’s an old joke: potential daters misrepresent themselves on online dating sites, using photos from years ago, and fudging on the details of age, weight, height and hairlines. But is it deceptive to hire someone to write a dating profile for you?

The companies you can hire to write a better profile insist it’s not deceptive – all they’re doing is more effectively marketing you. Dating coach Evan Marc Katz:

"There are a surprising number of people out there who don’t know how to market themselves in an original way."

The ghostwriters think of themselves as salesman, marketers and poets who are helping their clients find true love. Detractors think it’s dishonest and deceitful.

The majority of customers are men.

Scott Valdez from Virtual Dating Assistants (VDA):

"We are representing our clients as honestly and accurately as possible online… Online dating is not a date… It’s a screening process and a place to filter through the masses to identify potential dates."

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