“Oh my god there’s a tiger on the fence over there!”

"Oh my god there's a tiger on the fence over there!""I’m going to go back and say I saw a tiger on the freeway, they’re going to think I’m nuts."

A prankster left realistic-looking stuffed animals on the side of the road to fool passing motorists on a freeway in eastern Tennessee.

"Oh my god there's a tiger on the fence over there!"The tiger and cub were harmless.
So how could stuffed animals fool anyone? Here’s what your brain might be doing if it saw this, zooming by at 60 miles an hour:

What’s that?
Like a tiger and cub?
I’ve seen deer by the side of the road.
Deer are wildlife.
Could it be a tiger and cub?
No, it couldn’t be…
But I saw it.
Maybe from a circus?

Stuffed tiger and cub fool motorists on I-75, 10WBIR>>

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