Is temporary marriage in Iran cheating, a godsend, religious prostitution or a deception?

Is temporary marriage in Iran cheating, a godsend, religious prostitution or a deception?It’s called "sigheh" – he gives her money, she gives him sex, and it’s all legal, religious and temporary.
In Iran, sigheh is the practice of temporary marriage where men and women contract with each other to be married for a specified time period. Some see it as practical and allowed by the Koran, while others see it as nothing more than a way for rich men to exploit poor women.

Sigheh has worked well for Habib, a 48-year-old businessman from a small city in northeastern Iran… Habib has never had sex outside marriage. "Even if I wanted to have an hour-long relationship with a woman, I want to do it in a religious framework," he said. "When you set the time in a temporary marriage, you follow all the Islamic codes and regulations. The woman is also satisfied and content." Everyone is happy, Habib saidexcept, truth be told, his permanent wife of 29 years. Habib told her about one of his temporary wives, but she has no idea about the others. "If she knew, she would decapitate me," he said with a cheery lack of concern. "She cannot even stand the first one."

Even though younger, more Westernized men and women are against sigheh precisely because religious clerics promote it, they use it to their benefit. Some younger Iranian couples, faced with restrictions on living together or traveling on vacations, enter into sigheh as a practical matter.

Usually, unmarried heterosexual couples have to engage in elaborate stratagems to go on vacation, often coordinating with friends so that men and women travel in separate cars and check into different hotel rooms, only to reconfigure in coed pairs behind closed doors. For the first time in their adult lives, Amir and Tara wouldn’t need to go through those contortions.

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